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About Us


TEC C&D is owned and managed by a husband and wife team of project managers. We have been in the plumbing, construction and interior design businesses for over 25 years. I, Dawn Burke, am a Trained Interior Designer by trade. I was fascinated by commercial interior design and I had my own business in Manhattan, but I always wanted to get into construction. I enjoy the structural side of design. I met Bill Burke, my husband, when he was a licensed plumber in New Jersey and he was doing a lot of new construction work already. Weve been working together for 15 years now, which adds up to the experience we each had previously on our own.

We both love what we do and we pay attention to detail and to our most important asset which is our portfolio of satisfied clients. Were state licensed and insured in Florida and it is our mission to guide our clients. We take your wants and needs seriously and we do our best to cater to them without overselling you. We are a family of five and we also have been hit hard by the economy, so we know what its like to be on a budget. Our life is about making things simple and we extend that to our business practice in every way.

When you call us for the service you need, whether it is construction of your home, remodeling just one room or replacing the fixtures in the bathroom, we will give you personal service. To us, you are not just a client, but someone we get to know on a first-name basis. We want you to feel comfortable and not forgotten. No job is too large or too small for us, since we have a trained and expert team that we personally supervise to give you the best service.

When you give us a call, you will deal with me, Dawn, or with my husband Bill. We assess your problems or your requirements over the phone and then schedule an appointment with you, usually within 48 hours. Then we will visit you and discuss your project, give you the best options and then walk you through it from beginning to end.

We know that it is now more important than ever to save money, but when you take on a construction project, keep in mind that when you hire a general contractor to do it for you, we are taking on the liabilities, we make sure everything is done to code and legally, and our workers are licensed and insured. Down the road, this saves you time, money and energy, that you can spend doing other things that are important to you.

I will always talk to you in the same way I would deal with a friend. I am laid back, but I always have your best interest in mind.

When you hire us, you have two project managers who are also the business owners taking care of your business. We know that it is a huge sign of trust for our clients to give us the keys to their home when they are away so we can get to work. We take this as a high honor and we make sure that we deliver accordingly.

In our website you will see photos of our work and you are also welcome to come in to our offices and see more samples of what we have done and what we can do for you.

We hope that you will become a part of our family of satisfied clients and, at the very least, that we can educate you so you can make the best choices when it comes to construction, plumbing and remodeling.

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